Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things to do in Iowa on a Thursday

Here we are again.... In a van.... Headed to Nebraska, and loving every minute. Thus far this trip, Karin has yelled at me for giving her pomegranate to the plumber (Justin), Karin has written a song for Cadi, we have consumed cold stone, jammed to some tunes and alternated giggling and cussing at angry birds. What a productive day.

Recap of the rest of my life, now that I have ample time to reflect on such. First, I shall vent my frustrations about professors. When teaching, it is generally advised that you should know your shit. Seriously, when you start lecturing about the history of sculpture, and you claim that the first sculptures were Greek gravestones in second century BC, you are wrong. And several of your students corrected you. Embarrassment city. Get it together. Second, if you put a slide on a PowerPoint, you should know not only what is on it, but be able to elaborate on it without making shit up. So as a consequence I this relatively disastrous day of class, I decided that there were things I was going to have to do this summer- like read art history articles and learn German. Hell to the yes.

Next, let's talk about how today is Thursday, and on Monday, I was convinced that it was anything but that. Tuesday was an option, and once there was chicken Caesar salad at lunch, I was easily convinced that it was Friday. And realizing that Monday is not Friday is one of the most disappointing things that can happen.

Oh shout out about men's hockey-way to be. Keep rocking.

If you are looking for fun things to do on a Thursday night, here is the list that I have compiled so far:

1) learn to peel a pomegranate, or teach someone else.
2) dress as someone's twin and blame your improbable actions on them.
3) wink at someone. Preferably someone you do not know.
4) host a singalong to all of the Disney song you can find.
5) write an anonymous love letter.
6) find someone who is sleep talking and hold a conversation with them.

And with those splendid ideas, I bid thee adieu.