Friday, January 20, 2012

Mistress Minnesota

Who decided that living in Minnesota was a good thing? I've just gotten back from a beautiful time abroad in a lovely temperate climate and been lucky enough to go to Texas for a weekend, and suddenly mistress Minnesota gets jealous and turns to ice. How rude. And it's not even the frozen water kind of ice we're talking about here, it's just the kind of cold where without having any congestion what do ever your sinuses feel like the a time bomb. And when the inside of your skull freezes, you know it's a bit chilly. And now that it has snowed several inches I had the lovely reminder of the Gustavus snow management. Yippee.

The basic summary of that paragraph rant is that mistress MN is having her rotten revenge with me. What a cruel world.

In other, potentially more interesting news, the most recent tournament, that of Hell Froze Over, went splendidly. It feels wonderful to be back in the loving black book cradling/VA toting arms of the forensics community. What stunning people. And, the other good thing is that I have the opportunity to travel with these stars for the rest of the semester. Be jealous.

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