Monday, January 28, 2013

Through the fog and over the ice

Welcome back from our commercial break to this wonderful little ditty that is being typed in a moving vehicle.

Just on our way back from the K-state UNL swing in Lincoln, and what a super weekend it was. We laughed, we cried. We won. I'm do pleased to be part of a team that is passionate about what they do. Not to mention this community. I mean, holy crepes, they're fascinating and I know with a good degree of certainty that these are the people that will change the world. Straight up make a difference. For instance, Jose. He's from Hastings and I'm impressed every time I talk to him about the things that he works to do with his community. You go Jose.

Let's see, other things going on..... Choir tour is in less than a week. I have music to memorize. But I don't have any of it with me for this lovely little ride. So there's that. But we get to leave Minnesota for some lovely weather in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Pretty ideal if you ask me. So what up world! Bad news is that I have to be packed for that by tomorrow so they don't have to pay baggage fees. Guess I should figure out that nonsense. I hope I remember my contacts-unlike what I did this weekend..... Performing blind. Easy when it's just you. Harder when you have to follow a director. Woof.

Well I think I'll wrap some things up here. I have assumed the role of keeping Cadi awake on this drive. Per usual.

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  1. No glasses either? Are you really my daughter?

    Mom the Eye Doctor

    ps Dad wants to buy you a seeing eye dog...a Golden Retriever puppy....but something about he wants to keep it?