Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Slamily Second Generation-Get on my level

Once upon a time, I posted this beauty of a blog: http://roahg.blogspot.com/2012/6/bet-you-want-my-job-sunday-edition.html and sure that was fun. Hell, it was a lot of fun, like pandas and balloons popsicles and slinkys kind of fun. If you didn't have one of those panda-balloon-slinky kinds of days, I'm sorry but we are both missing out on key parts of our child hood. Drat. 

But here's the second chapter


Yes, it's better than One Direction covered in sprinkles. This time 14 kids traveled the long distances (we're talking out of the 14, 12 of them were from somewhere other than MN--that means hella far) to come to our humble town of St. Peter to have their lives rerouted and nurtured from the ground like little baby acorns learning how to become oaks with a purpose. It's actually that amazing to watch these students come together under the direction of the three fantastic poets that are so dedicated to teaching and bringing in the next generation of phenomenal poets. I walk in to take pictures and casually creep on their writing/slamming, and I am propelled out of the water like cannonball from the high dive played in rewind. These kids are going to make a splash.

In case you missed something from last year's post around this time, I will help you feed your poetry addiction by posting some videos here that unashamedly praise the people who make this camp possible.
(I was there when this was filmed... because that's not creepy)

(I was not there when this was filmed... because that's not creepy)

(And now for something different-But isn't he a cool dude?)

Ok, so we've learned a little bit about Sierra DeMulder, Adam Henze, and Khary Jackson, now we shall continue with our story. 

The first night the whimsical three arrived, Karin and I took them out to a local joint fondly called, "Patty's". Now for any poet nerd (cough, me, and phlegmy-cough Karin) this is more than just a magical moment. This is going to dinner with some of the most well respected poets in the land. Super, we're having a wonderful time, everything is dandy. 

Kids arrive, all is well, fast forward to Thursday. This is where things get good. On Wednesday, a Mr. Quentin Q Talley joined us for a little showcase. This is prime. 

Then on Thursday, Karin had the distinct pleasure of going to pick up the St. Paul Slam Team consisting of the following magnificent individuals who are masters of their craft:
Kait Rokowski

Sam Cook
Shane Hawley
Hieu Nguyen

Cris Gibson

Love them all. Just do it. 

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