Thursday, August 7, 2014


It's real. It's so undeniably real. So real in fact, that I spoke for a total of about 3 hours to Vanessa and Karin today about normal things so that it felt more reality than fiction. The bad news is that my plan backfired a little bit as far as letting that sink in- but I'm actually moved in to my apartment in Manhattan!! Couch, bed, chairs, kitchen- for Pete's sake I have a dishwasher. I made cookies today just so I could use the kitchen. 

I even, wait for it, got a library card. (Insert gasps of awe and oos of amazement) They were a little impressed that the girl who had been there for 26 hours was getting a library card, but I figured that I could check out some movies and chill. As it turns out, the manhattan public library has quite the stash. But nothing on the hordes of books at ksu. Holy shmokes. I just wandered for about an hour. In and out of the stacks, pulling out shelves, taking mysterious stairs, wandering. Mega impressed. Put it this way, from an architectural perspective, the main floor ceilings are high enough that in the center of the floor they devised a split-level style that allows for double the shelf space on one floor. Then the parts of the floor plan that aren't the stationary stacks have to be moveable to maximize space. What is this land. That's all in excess of the "great room" which looks like Hogwarts except without the floating candles. And I'm all about wizards.  I have a feeling that the very empty great room is less empty in the regular school year. 

Stay tuned for the portion of this chaper book that explains how I found the wizards of Kansas. "You can still be with the wizard, what you've worked an waited for..." 

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