Monday, August 4, 2014

The new routines... Maybe

With new adventures come new tasks and challenges. I issued a challenge to a fellow adventure, miss Shelby, who is taking bold steps teaching in Japan, to blog regularly. I figured that if I could challenge Shelby to do it, then I must be gutsy enough to do the same. As my friendship with muDD as I like to call her might detail, we work best when pushing each other. So as she is my guide to this new season of fun things, I will attempt to keep up. Thus it begins. 

You should know two things about this post: 1) I'm writing it on my phone because the internet is out. And 2) I have no idea what I'm going to type next. 

I have not yet moved out to my new Kansan abode, but I keep thinking about new routines. I was really big on the routine kick as a kid (this should not surprise many of you). For instance, for about 2-3 years I would do 100 sit ups a night. Why? No real reason, thought it would be good for me. Consequently, I could beast the sit-up challenge during my gym class days. Mom used to read to me before bed every night. I used to write a poem (usually not very good) every night. Routines like that made me get from cover to cover in my Bible twice in high school. In college, routine has been harder to follow- that's true. Something about late study nights and roommates. But this grad school gig holds endless possibilities. Mayhaps blogging or memoir-ing or Shakespeare is the new one. I suppose I have to actually get to that new abode to see what it will be. 

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