Monday, November 14, 2011

It's like running in circles

The strangest things is that I actually feel like I've caught up on my blogging actives. What a novel concept.

Although Kate seems to be slowly losing her mind this evening, I'm relatively awake, and only mildly regretting walking all around Rome on a wild-picture-goose-chase. My Digipho class went on an excursion around the city to take more pictures.  Although this sounds like a blast, walking 4 miles (I haven't actually checked that, but that's what it felt like) after doing nothing but standing and walking all weekend did not sound very appealing. None the less, I strapped on my backpack, turned on my camera, and went to work. I'm not sure that's a good thing for me, but that's what I did. And we walked from "Campus oleeoleoooelooloeleoelolo" (that's what we call it in our apartment because it doesn't have a name and only 5% of the JCU population knows where it is), to the Capitoline Museum,  to the Roman Forum, to some other ruins (I don't remember what they're called), to the Colosseum, to Circus Maximus (where they used to race chariots), and then over to the "Key hole" which is this literal key hole that you can see St. Peter's dome through. All very cool things, just exhausting.

So after all of that adventure, I trudged back to have lunch with Kate, attended the rest of my classes (I'm really good at that.) and even attempted to take a nap in the cafeteria (non-successful, although I did get some reading done.) Went grocery shopping (always delightful), made dinner, and am now going to bed. I'm a sleepy kitten.

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