Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Let's pretend for a moment that I don't have close to 200 pages of art history reading to do right now and that this is actually my assignment or the day. So here are my random thoughts not in regard to what I should do right now instead of blogging:

1) I'm easily distracted by watching people go out to their cars in the parking lot.

2) The view from third floor Beck over the arb is spectacular.

3) I don't understand twitter.

4) I would rather be sleeping or watching My Drunk Kitchen right now.

5) It's pretty sweet when you look through an art history book and can say, "I saw that in real life."

6) Listening to Madame Butterfly is actually my life.

7) I am super proud of my team.

8) Some people really really struggle with parking.

9) If you're reading this you should write someone a letter. Receiving a letter-hand written of course, is the best day brightener.

10) Chocolate is good for smiling.

And with that little interlude over, I'll begin my reading again. Bring it on chapters 9-15....

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