Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nifty January

Why hello blog-o-sphere, it's been a while. So I'll do my best to update you on my life.
The short version is actually more like one word: Speech. The long version is really comprised of a bunch of jargon and nonsensical ramblings that only make sense to a very small portion of the population.  So I'll spare you the gritty details and if you really want them, we'll just have to chit chat. Swell? Ok great.

Gustavus likes to do this nifty thing called J-term and then follow it up with this other nifty thing called touring break. For those of you not in the know, J-term is where we take one class for the month of January, and then once our brains are stuffed with that knowledge that is usually not related to our major(s) then we call it quits and take a week off. This essentially dovetails into that second nifty thing called touring break. In theory it means that music groups and those who tour leave on their adventures while the rest of the general population have the option of staying on campus to soak up some more MN life, or to go home (which for approximately 75% of the student body still means soaking up MN life, but that's a different story). So campus is pretty quiet for the week, for better or for worse, but it gives the rest of us a chance to be productive in those things that we sweep under the rug or claim to be too busy for during the semester. If that wasn't clear enough for you, that means things like "cleaning" and "laundry" or "sleeping". You know, the things that college kids tend to ignore when given the opportunity.

That being said, I've been somewhat productive in my quest to get my shit together. That means everything from revising speeches to sitting in the caf people watching, to actually walking down to Econo. All of these things are good things, and now that I have the chance to accomplish them after a good 12 hour sleep, all is well with the world. You know, all of this can be topped off with a fire alarm, athletes in my hall and their misguided actions.

This brings me to my mini series that narrates my past week.

Episode 1: The Towel.

Now most of you know that I am incredibly nearsighted. We can blame this on my mother or her profession, but regardless, I'm pretty blind. That being said, when I wake up in the morning, more often than not, I do not put on my glasses, but rather go straight to the bathroom where I wash my face and put in my contacts. Now this is only a problem when upon opening your door you are immediately accosted by a girl wearing only a towel. And I do mean a girl wearing nothing but shower shoes and a towel.. And she ran up to me in a panic asking me to call campus safety for her. Now I've only been awake for 4 minutes and have been vertical for about a minute of that. So I mutter something that sounded like, "gekdbdifpl" but meant "sure?" and then grabbed my phone I couldn't remember what the number was so we were forced to resort to the phone in the room. I dialed then gave the phone to her because I've never seen her. Remember? I'm nearsighted. So she described her room to the officer, and although she couldn't remember her room number, she got the dorm right, so that's something. And with that I went to find some contacts and face wash.

Episode 2: The Wink

Now for those of you who know me know that I am marked by God to have awkward moments in the caf. It's like my calling. So it's Sunday after noon and as I'm sitting in the caf pondering my life and looking for answers in my Cheerios, I notice that a friend of mine, Jessica, sitting in the corner. Now if you have my thought process, you will stare in that direction subtly until she looks this direction. The only problem with this is when there is someone sitting directly within your line of sight. Although this would deter most people, I'm much more determined than most people. So as I am staring at Jessica and the girl sitting between us is looking in my direction when suddenly, Jess turns my way and I wink. And not just a casual wink, much closer to a wink you do in a ridiculous mime interpretation or to indicate a secret treaty from miles away. And lucky lucky me, my seductive wink was intercepted by the girl who happened to be in the crossfire. An that's the second time I've had a wink intercepted in the caf. You would think I would learn.

And for the moment now I am fresh out f touring break stories. Considering it took me a week to type all of this up and the first week of class is over, that's not a terrible update.

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