Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art a la apartment

Chuck Norris? Yup. Right be hind the door.

And across from Mr. Norris

In the dinning room

Next to the couch across from 'Americana'

Not hanging on the wall.. but Art none the less


next to 'Americana'

Paddle found in a cabinet-useful?

Kate working hard on the blog, 'mannequin' and Chinese Checkers.

In the kitchen by the door.

on the table in the kitchen across from the sink and the stove

Next to the window in the kitchen

Kitchen window

lovely yellow cabinets in kitchen

In hallway between bedrooms

Picture in the unused bedroom. Super effective. 

Molly and Erica's room

Molly and Erica's room

Between the beds in my room with Kate

Also in my room

And this one too

Check out the lamp! (random?)


  1. I love the kitchen window!!! : ) Mannequin names...Jeeves (like the butler) Cruelella DeVille (the red and black reminds me of her, not sure if I spelt the first name correctly.) That's it for now, I will continue thinking.

  2. Glad you are safe and at "home" daughter! Will ponder names for your lovely mannequin.
    xxoo Mom