Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yellow Brick Road... sort of

"It's always best to start at the beginning--just follow the yellow brick road."
---Glinda the Good Witch of the North

In the morning (if you don't consider past midnight morning) I may not be following a yellow brick road, but I will be traveling over 5,000 miles from home to somewhere that has at least the reputation of the Emerald City. I just hope everything's in color. As the last movie to watch with the parentals before I leave, I requested (and this won't surprise most of you) The Wizard of Oz.  I'll tolerate the Toto jokes, and even the munchkin ones, I realize I'm not that tall. Anyway, Dorothy realizes by the end of the movie exactly what I've been thinking about all day-There's no place like home. And although I am excited to begin a new adventure with new people in a new place, I know that this open air and hay bales and unlined road part of the world will be waiting for me when I get back in 110 days.

To those of you at my other other home-GAC- I hope you have a daring and wonderful semester on that little hill. To the team-get to work. There are trophies to be won, and work week is how you get there. We shall skype in the team room soon. Upperclassmen-I love you all. Freshmen-keep it up, learn lots, work hard, and enjoy. Cadi and Kris- Good luck. And most of all, keep me updated.

I'm packed. It's late. It's going to be a long day (and then some). It may be a few days until I get internet up and running again, but I'll make sure to take copious (a big word for being so late) notes about how the person sitting next to me for the 9 hour and 15 minute plane ride smells.  Expect details.

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