Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A little deodorant goes a long way

So the furniture doesn’t match the door frames, the collection of prints should never be housed in the same room ever, and the woods that aren’t clashing brown and black-are painted some vibrant color.  It looks like home to me.
Adventures thus far: (in order of appearance)

            KCI airport doesn’t have very good people watching.  When delayed for an hour because of mechanical problems, you find the beauty even in this menial hobby. Bring on the rhinestone-d cowboys, and the middle age moms wearing polka-dotted socks with their flip flops.

            People watching in Charlotte-slightly better. Of course over the course of a 3 hour layover, almost everything is interesting.  Like the fact that it’s a lay over, but there’s no where to take a nap.
                        Sub point to that, a delightful young guy named Michael from Colorado had just returned from Italy while I was waiting in the terminal and he gave me some helpful tips. I’ll let you know how they all turn out, but most of the conversation revolved around this list of vocabulary words that he had found very helpful. Since they were his own notes, he offered them to me, and my lack of Italian-took them. So Michael from CO-if you’re reading this, thanks again!

            On the plane I had the pleasure of playing a rollicking round of musical chairs. Starting point: 28H. [Hum song of choice whilst this is going on] 28H-->28F-->29F STOP Rest….  Rest…. Take off…. Wait for it…. 29F-->29C. WINNER!!! (for those of you curious as to what I was humming while playing, it was definitely "Take On Me" by A-ha.) But alas, since the last move happened mid-flight, my backpack was above that seat and not the new one... Boo....  And all of this because I'm a nice person who would prefer that families sit together on flights that take up to 10 hours. Bonus point? Yes.  So after that I tried to sleep-not even noticing when the brother traded seats with his little sister.  But other than the typical severe back cramps, pretty good.   

           Off the plane and on to find dear Kate. Well not initially as planned-turns out that the baggage claim getting-to involves a train ride. At this point I'm just hoping that Kate did the same thing, and that we will meet each other over luggage.  And low and behold-the peas really do think a like. So after long-time-prease of waiting for baggage we wandered in the direction of what appeared to be an exit. Up the escalators (with only mild problems), down the "straight hallway", no not that one, the other one, keep going, keep going, keep going, down the elevators, through the sprinklers, Check in!  Then on to a bus that was obviously far too big for the streets (seriously... between the stall out and the near fatal incident with the bicyclist--danger Will Robinson).  THEN The apartment. 

            Now there are some things you should know about this apartment. 
1: Even with a key, the door is nearly impossible to open. (nearly is quantified as it's opened once without assistance from Molly's hero) (Notice that she is now Molly and not stbamM)
2: It comes with a Mannequin. 
           Beginning now, there is a contest as to who can come up with the best name for the mannequin. Do not let me down Bethany.
3: There ar art prints from the national gallery all over the place-they do not go together. (pictures of all the art to come)
4: The bathroom has a tiny shower with a loose shower head-ask Kate.
5: There's a Chinese Checker board. I plan on being an expert by the end of this semester.

Pictures to come, and I want all of you to suggest names for the mannequin. 

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