Saturday, August 27, 2011

Now for Just $19.95, Those Magical Air-Suck-Bag-Things!

Breaking news, there's stuff in the suitcase. And not just the usual feline friends that enjoy bag/boxes/straps/other things to play with (pulled Oreo out of the open suitcase today after he attempted to take a nap on my nicely folded blazer).  There is actual, honest to God, clothing and things that any normal person would bring to another country--like shoes too. And (this is the important part) it doesn't look that full!  Cross my heart and hope to die (not really, bad Irene). Now you're (Bethany's) thinking, "Wait, one suitcase? Kelsey? Alert the inter-webs!  Kelsey's blog has been up for 2 days and it's already been hacked!" Seriously!  I'll warn you, there is some kind of witchcraft involved.  Meet--better than freezer burn improved zip-lock bags. You put a bunch of (neatly) folded clothes in this wonder bag (not to be confuse with Wonder Bread, though it might work there too), zip it all shut, and roll the air out! Bada-bing, bada-boom=flat clothes.  I'm honestly super impressed. Close to 90% of what I plan wearing in Italy is already in the suitcase, and it only looks 2/3 full! All that's left is the face wash/shower stuff and a few little pieces of clothing. Who's winning this game? I'm winning this game.

All that being said, there is much talk of big-kahuna-mama Irene taunting the east coast.  Lucky for me, Charlotte is far enough inland that my plane shouldn't be completely rerouted/delayed. That being said, soon-to-be-apartment-mate Molly (hence forth referred to as stbamM--until Tuesday that is) will be flying out of Boston where Irene has decided that there's not enough water. So good luck stbamM! Buy a poncho and a raft as we previously discussed and they can double as a secondary paddle to Rome option!


  1. So shower and face stuff. You do know that you aren't allowed to bring any type of liquid stuff on the plane over 2 oz. right? Is that kind of stuff considered liquid?

  2. Unfortunately, lots of empty space is not equivalent to lightweighty-ness. So don't be fooled by the extra room in your suitcase. The laws of physics are still very much in effect.