Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'Murrica Pie

Let me regale you with the adventurous day of Duluthyness.

Michelle and I woke up at a respectable time (and I mean as in my parents, not my peers would be impressed) and headed out for a scenic river drive and a festive nature hike (pretty neat). So around Gooseberry park we walk. Taking in the sights, making fun of the awkward family photos being captured in front of root beer waterfalls and general frivolity. After that exhausting trek, we make our way to Betty's Pies where we had lunch and ate pie. A stunning blackberry peach crumble for me- but the pie theme had only just begun. This is real life, and we need more pie. So a plan was developed that we have a fancy house dinner where everyone contributes something. Much like family dinner, but I've only known some of these people for 24 hours-I'm not sure if they're ready to adopt me. And Michelle and I, being the industrious Americans we are, needed to make apple pies. And I do say pieS because we are so focused on individuality that we made mini pies. So eight apples and 3 home made pie crusts later, we have 12 stunning examples of freedom.

And if you're wondering how you roll pie crust without wax paper or a rolling pin? Let me show you young Skywalker. You improvise!

And they are delicious. We are proud bakers and proud wearers of patriotic attire-minus the eagles. If I can't carry around a real bird, I don't want it on my shirt.

And that wraps it all up. Happy 4th, whether you believe in the country or just believe in the people who inhabit said country-have a good one.

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