Saturday, August 18, 2012

ABduction-Taylor Lautner's New Work Out Video

Things I absorbed from watching the movie Abduction: (Here's a link so you can see that I'm sort of close on some of this: because I found the comments were suuuper good/accurate:

1) There was a bad guy, some spies, the CIA, and a bomb in the oven.
2) Some actors I typically enjoy (Sigourney Weaver) made some bad decisions making this movie.
3) Plot Holes: could have been a very dangerous drinking game.
4) Taylor Lautner is probably a Hufflepuff.
5) My favorite part was where it tried to be an action/spy movie.
6) My second favorite part was where that first plan failed.
7) Points 5 & 6 mean I loved 99% of the movie.
8) Will be a feature film for an upcoming Team movie night.
9) Best scene award goes to waking up in the woods and Taylor crying one single tear. It's just a bad dream Taylor.
10) Just because Rotten Tomatoes says 4%, doesn't mean everyone hates it.....

So next time you're near the half-off dollar DVD bin, check it out. It'll cost you less than a pack of gum and it could be really swell.

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