Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Your Mark- My Words

This is not a post you were expecting from me. In fact, I delayed telling you this, thinking that yesterday could have very well been a fluke and that I wouldn't have to admit that kind of thing to my peers. But it's true. I've, unbeknownst to me, been tricked into running. Yes yes, I know. I'm the least enthusiastic runner in all the land. I mean marathons? First guy died. Why do that again? And I'm the kind of person who sets realistic goals: me not dying during a marathon is not realistic. Back to the point. I know that people are motivate by the olympics, and I'll grant you there are motivational stories, but I'd prefer to sit and be amazed, not try and replicate such a feat on my own time. But here's the deal, I'm a motivational Titan. And when others seem to think that I can convince them to run, I guess then I'm running.

Cadi is attempting a couch to 5k and I've not been necessarily the healthiest- I should move more than I do, but this beginning thing of walk then jog for 60 seconds, walk some more isn't quite so bad. I mean, I survived conditioning, so that makes me a champion if something right?

But I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Woof. What did I think I was getting into? Speed walking is much more my style. Lots of hips.


  1. Really......really?????????


  2. This means you will be running the Color Run with me and Mantha next summer. Just so you are aware.