Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Singing lessons

Well, it wasn't the worst hour and a half car ride of my life. It would take me a while to think of the actual worse car ride, and instead would likely resort to the worst hour and a half I spent in a car- regardless of the time of the car ride from beginning to end. But it was strange.

To catch the rest of you up, I often pick people up from the airport on a semi regular basis. Not a big deal- until they are super quirky. Lisa, reminds me of Miranda Sings. Once I'm not blogging from my phone, I'll post some links to beautiful videos. And to be clear, it's not that she doesn't know her stuff- she does. But man do they look alike, and I like to think they are the same person. Woof.

The original: Voice Lessons

One of the more recent amazing videos: Starships

And to round it all out: Teaching Pentatonix to sing...

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. What a classy lady.

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  1. I think she needs to open a studio with Bonnie....oh the possibilities.