Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where's the Fire Extinguisher!?!

There are pros and cons to stealing from the GAC herb garden.
Pros: there are super fresh, picked-this-5-minutes-ago basil and sage to be had in plenty ad it's delicious.
Cons: sometimes you feel adventurous and pick some peppers that look harmless and cute.

Ye be warned. They are no such thing. They are vicious aliens come to earth to destroy taste buds and kidnap children. I'm speaking from experience here. This is serious business.

I made the hottest pasta sauce I think imaginable. This included one of those superspicybutinnocentlooking peppers and only used one. KAPOW!!!! Gee whiz. I was not expecting that kind of explosion-and not in a pleasant way.. I had to basically fan my mouth and mop my runny nose to get through the bulk of my meal. Danger danger Will Robinson.

So, learn from me: don't eat alien peoples even though they look nice.

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