Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because John Denver Wanted it That Way

If that title was too much of a music mismatch for you, you can forget about it. It's ok. I'll beat you later.

So my bags aren't quite packed.  I'm mostly ready to go. I'm still in my apartment (not standing outside anyone else's that's for sure) and I'm still awake to say good bye to you.  You all have been such loyal readers, that I just had to lose another 30 minutes of sleep to let you know what's up and what's going on. Don't you feel special? You should. You are special. I'll just echo whatever your mother told you on that front.

The plan: Go to Florence.
Why: Because it looks awesome.
When: Tomorrow morning at a very early hour.
Who: Us.  That means myself and 3 other fantastic individuals.
What: See the above four points
Where: Haven't you been paying attention?

Now that you read that twice, I'll continue. Thanks to Sam and Laura (two delightful friends of mine who both studied in Florence this time last year. Sam: My thumbs need to be popped. Laura: I actually burnt my finger today. I miss you so much. I just wish that the burn spelled out 53 instead of a blob.) (It's really strange to think that I can reference both of them off hand.) (PUN) I have had this immense desire to go to Florence and see all sorts of beautiful things. Their influence coupled with the fact that my Italian High Renaissance professor talked about all of the beautiful things in the Uffizi Gallery for three hours on Wednesday.  So I'm leaving.  And I'll be back after I've learned some more stuff.

That's where you come in. I've attempted to be very diligent about updating this blog every day, but alas, I won't be bringing this whole laptop shabang with me.  So I'll take notes, have an incredibly long and potentially rambling (blog title? what?) post on Saturday night/Sunday.

I love you all, I'm so glad you're keeping up with this. You make me happy.


  1. We know you're not leaving on a jet plane but hope after some fun adventures that those country roads will take you home.
    Love - Mom and Dad

    ps Your Dad made me write that!

  2. I will miss your blog for the next few days but I can't wait to read all about your adventures in Florence!! Have a great time!! Love you! Miss you!

  3. Kelsey! I'm sorry you burned your finger, but glad you are having awesome times in Florence. It's so exciting! We should also skype soon. I miss your face.