Monday, September 19, 2011

Blissfully Breezy

The sad truth of this post is that it has absolutely no chance at being as amusing as the last two (count them, two). And that estranged fact makes me feel blue. Blue like a rainy day.


Segue! Holla! Check this out. So apparently last night there was this gargantuan thunderstorm.  We're talking the kind that wakes people up and they all converge in corners the next day to talk about their individual trials with that one specific storm.  This girl, however, had no idea it even rained. Whether that is a testament to my incredible sleeping skills, my up bringing a la tornado alley that makes thunderstorms seem like a small gold fish compared to the siren wailing Oz suckers we can get, or simply that I am usually so enveloped in some wacky dream to pay attention to the real world remains to be seen.  The point of the story is that I can sleep through anything I set my mind to.  Real champions sleep through storms.

Anyway, that 'mega storm' made the temperature of Rome much more palatable today. And that is a miracle. After about 3 weeks of 90+ weather, and only really having layered clothing to deal with makes this now clean 60 degree breeze blowing through the windows right now down right glorious. It feels like fall at last! (knock on wood. I want it to stick around) The only trouble with this new found breeze is that it has the propensity to blow our nearly secure lights from side to side at dangerous looking angles. Not nice. But kind of fun in a daring sort of way.

I had my full regimen of classes today, including Digi Phot (I'm using it until someone gives me something better. You all are slackers). Now in Digi Phot (see, just going to keep doing it) we spent the first hour out taking pictures. Now you're thinking, Hey, I want to take a Digi Phot class!  I want to spend an hour outside taking pictures! But the deal is that we went to an out door market, and this always makes one very hungry.  And breakfast just wasn't as filling as it could have been.... and you have one euro. Suddenly not so fun. But it was still pretty sweet. Then we spent the last two hours of that class looking at the pictures we took and talking about ways to edit them.

Other class, followed by the class where I dream of Moua, and then finally home. This makes me realize that I desperately need to go grocery shopping. Desperately. So on tomorrow's to-do list there is FIND FOOD/SCAVENGE in very large letters. I'm not sure how that's going to turn out... but hopefully I'll find something to eat tomorrow. Wish me luck.

ALSO: The letter situation is a solid green light. No more hoping and praying, just a little bit o time. Today I have heard news that my postcards have reached GAC (I <3 BS, and sent a post card that said so), and I have received mail from GAC (Go Alecia go!).  All systems go. I'm willing to spend the 1.60 euros on the people who are willing to spend the $ 0.98 to write me. And no that's not an equivalent amount. Just so you know.


  1. I sent you a should be getting it soon!!!! (I sent it over a week ago!)

  2. I'm sure it's almost here! I only checked early today.