Wednesday, September 14, 2011

But I'm feelin' alright

It's approximately 3am in the states, and I think that this post will suffice for yesterday's.

In honor of Molly's blog, I think I'm going to talk a little bit about a song that is somewhat accurately describing my Tuesday: Len's "Feelin' Alright".  As far as Tuesdays go, this one seemed to be filled with much more homework than I cared for. 3 chapters from various art history books, 2 readings for philosophy, and a presentation to prep for. Now those chapters took some time, I'll guestimate at 100 pages, and the presentation prep had to begin with 45 pages of reading too, then throw in the Philosophy stuff and I'm swamped.

It's like being the smartest kid in class and having no brain.

So much stuff going on! But that's kind of the way my life always operates, right?  I'm always running on fumes and staying up later than I should to finish whatever it was that I didn't get done.  I remember now. The only difference is, that I'm in Rome.

I'm looking all around and everything doesn't-look-anything-like-Minnesota

So those weren't the actual lyrics, but now it's effectively stuck in my head.  And for the moment I will depart to go to class (what a good little student) and to grab some espresso.

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