Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hitting up the Berry Bars

Ah, the joys of the weekend. A whole day early. This means, for some, that it's an entirely free evening to catch up on all of the homework that you refused to do Monday-Wednesday, and for others it's an opportunity to get the real party started.  In this little corner of the world, however, we do things up right. We each made dinner, contemplated the pros and cons of Sims 3, and are now waiting on the perfection that is Berry Lemonade Bars. Life is good. And the Sims update is that Erica is downloading Sims 3, and we've torn Kate away from her homework. As for Kelsey? I'm floundering between all aspects, jamming to tunes, cooking, helping bake (sort of), doing laundry (that's right, the washing machine is fixed! Although it still takes all afternoon to wash things, and that's without drying-which is done by way of the air), talking to the beautiful people on the hill (that's you GAC friends), and generally pondering life.

The conclusions to my pondering hours go as follows: I have work to do. Granted, it's a few chapters here and there, I still need to pick up a text book from the "Almost Corner Book Store," and I also need to somehow convince a current Barstow student to log into my artstor account so that I can fully appreciate the things in my art history books without the glare from this atrocious lighting (one bulb, one room... all I can think is interrogation.... no comment). Past that, I'm just thriving on the survived week feeling.

Highlights of the week (for those of you who are too lazy to actually keep up)
--3/5 professors have thick accents. Either Italian, French, or a combination of the two.
--KBG has a blog. And it's funny.
--First thing I did in my Italian High Renaissance class was go on a "field trip" to the Tempietto about a 10 minute walk from the classroom=awesome. Then we talked about all of the art in San Pietro in Montorio (the church about 25 feet from the Tempietto).  Needless to say, I'm in love with the class.
--Several successfully made dinners. Hoo-rah
--Found all classrooms without the love and support of John Cabot University.  Take that.
--Expresso is delicious.  I've moved away from putting any sugar in it now. This is actual real life.
--I bought stamps (for postcards) today! It was a strange experience, but I did it! And everyone had lied to me multiple times about finding them at the Tabacchi shops!  Blaspheme! Balderdash! I went to the postoffice, had a cultural experience, and lived to tell the tale. That's one to write home about.
--Watched a movie in my Italian Cinema class. And it's going to be a weekly thing.  Awesome.

And that's about it for the week... Or the school week at least.


I forgot an important one. When Erica and I went grocery shopping today, we walked by a playground. Thanks to the pictures in Erica's guide book about Rome, we managed to identify the children playing there as "Roman children." Thank you Rome Top Ten. AND (this part is important) we saw baby Hercules. Not a joke. Legit-skies.  He was this adorable toddler with little blonde curls and just pudgy enough to be 'buff' and really truly, honest to Olympia, looked like baby Hercules from the Disney movie. It was pure magic. And I practically borrowed Hermes' winged shoes to flutter all the way home with this sighting. How splendid. You can be jealous. It's allowed.

With that little nugget of awesome (Zero to Hero in under 60 seconds), I leave you to go try the Purdy Berry Bars. Erica's going to open a Purdy bakery. I'm in full support.

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