Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Make banana pancakes-pretend like it's the weekend

Let's talk for a moment about how flipping pretty Rome is when you're not bathing in your own sweat.  It's actually b-e-a-u-tiful.  For serious. Example: It was only in the 70s today and that means wearing things like jeans and boots! It also means things like my hair doesn't have to be piled on top of my head and away from my neck. If it was up to some people I would have a Barbie ponytail at all times, and it would be curly and funny and potentially very distracting (to both me and the people sitting behind me in class).  But that's all besides the point. I finally got to wear things that I would like to wear to class rather than scrounging for things that don't need sleeves, or could just do without sleeves until I sew them back on later (I brought a sewing kit, whatevs) (that one is for you Cadi).

After a lovely walk to school at the G campus, I spent a lovely two hours watching a movie in my Italian Cinema class (still no real recommendations? I'm disappointed in all of you. Come on people.  Bethany is the only one on my solid gold list. Digipho for the win. And potentially my mother with her recommendation for Greek Art and Archaeology: Gaga.) and loving all of it. I mean what other kinds of class can you possibly take that allow you to sit for two hours and watch a movie EVERY OTHER CLASS.  That's one a week. And the other one you only have to attend half of because it's just a discussion. Winner.

After class I leisurely walked to the grocery store because I was hard up for some grub. This meandering involved me listening to Jack Johnson and enjoying the light crisp breeze and the sunshine.  Do you envy me yet? You green with it! (Mike Wazowski!) (For those of you who followed that, we're best friends now). So I shopped, didn't make a fool of myself (it's hard, but actually possible) bought another I Puffi glass (We're going to see it this weekend. Fact.) and toted my newly purchased foodstuffs all the way home. Wee Wee Wee. It was a good time.

Made some lunch. At the recommendation of Michelle I made a grilled mozzarella and tomato sandwich.  Very good.  May need something else to it, but I'm content with how good it was for the moment. Talked to some beautiful people from home.  Missing them hardcore. And read a little bit of Philosophy. Actually reading Philosophy is not quite as conducive to dreaming of Moua as class.  But I tried. Watched Down With Love with Erica and Kate (Molly will attest to how adorable we were on the couch), and finally making dinner for Erica and myself. (Just going to say it, my red sauce is going to be perfected by the end of this semester. I'm throwing down the gauntlet now-Bring it Mc Saucyson!)

And now I'm giving up and going to bed. The End.

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