Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

So today marked a day of significant progress. I mean, for a day where I only had one class and it was kind of my version of 'Friday' (We don't actually have class on Friday's so this is the weekend. All you haters can hate), being productive was pretty good! Let's have a recap before we go to the slow-motion, Rob.

Class: Check
Get food: Check
Cash: Check
Money order: Wait, what?
Pun: Check
Do Cin City Reading: Check (that's Italian Cinema-Credit: Bethany)
Email team: Check
Write Mariecus: CHECK

It's be a very good day. I mean really, for not having class tomorrow, that's a lot of stuff to get done! Look at me go. For serious.  I think I'm cool.

As for tomorrow, it's technically a 'make up day' where Thursday classes can have an extra class? No that question mark is not a mistake. I still don't get all of it. But the point of the story is that thanks to my Cin City prof (who I think unintentionally calls me by my last name instead of my first.  Roll call: Sarah, David, Abele, Elizabeth, Francesco...) we just had an extra thirty minutes of class discussion today instead of having an entire extra class on a Friday. Cool? Yes. So I'm going to be industrious and get work done tomorrow. Aren't you proud?

If you were looking for a really cool story about a different alien in my Cin City class, you're out of luck. These people are all human.  But I guess that's ok. I guess.

At the request of Erica (I tend to trust her on these sorts of things) we played Ke$ha (read: K-dollar sign-ha) and danced in the living room. Europe and Ke$ha seem to get along very well. Occasionally when walking along the street you can here one car blasting music that would seem more common in route to a speech tournament or the dance party in the Dive. But it's always nice to have a little note a la home once in a while. And dancing to Ke$ha is always a good option.  Always.

Anyway, after a lovely conversation with Alecia, I'm zonked.  So class or no class tomorrow, I'm gonna needs me some sleep. Good night world!

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