Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Off to the Races

Fact: I should start blogging earlier than 10:30pm.
Fact: I should probably finish my readings before I blog.
Fact: I have yet to do either.

So disregarding my need to actually read for my class tomorrow, I 'm going to tell you about my adventures for the day.  May day began with the decision to grab some espresso from Giovanni (we learned his name a week or so ago) at the coffee place down stairs and picked up some tickets for the tram/bus.

Feeling good that I had 30 minutes to get to the Pantheon, I waited by the stop for the tram with a bunch of other people. I'm thinking, hey, I'm taking public transportation to get to my class which is being held by the PANTHEON. I'm awesome. La dee da dee da. Why aren't there any trams coming this direction? Maybe they're just behind today. La dee da dee da. Why are there still NO trams headed in the right direction? HMMM!!?! *watch check* Ok, so I've still got 20 minutes. No big deal.

Enter: Italian man thinking I speak Italian.

From what I think was going on in this little 'exchange' he was telling me that cars are no supposed to drive on the tram tracks. There is a part of the road designated for cars, and another for trams. Cars driving on the tram lines defeat the purpose. At this point I was kind of laughing because my long awaited tram was behind this taxi who was going against these stated rules. Yay it's here!


That tram wasn't taking any passengers. Bad news bears. *now frantic watch check* I got places to be in 15 minutes. It's a long walk. Uh... Bus? Too late. Answer: book it.

At this point I'm going to show you a little map. Please notice the time designation to the left of the picture.

Correct. That does say '26 minutes'. Yes, I needed to be there in 15minutes. Other questions include, oh yeah I don't have a map on me, and I haven't exactly been to the Pantheon yet. I knew that it was past 'Argentina' which is where the tram would have taken me, and I had a vague idea of it being straight from there. That's it. That's all I've got. So I take one last look at the funny Italian man trying to convince me to wait for a bus, and get going.

I'm dodging past people, walking in the street, paying no regard to crosswalk signs, leaping over baby carriages, knocking over postcard stands, and foaming at the mouth.  It was a trial. Once I got to Argentina (again, this is the end of the tram line/piazza, not the actual country) I began to worry which way I was supposed to go. With no map and no signs, I pull out my cell phone in what I realize is probably a futile attempt to reach Kate, and just pick a street.  At this point I'm just praying, please let this one lead me to somewhere I can actually see the Pantheon, that way I'll be able to walk in that direction.

HUZZAH! I'm such a good guesser. Sheer talent. I've got a profession here. In short, I made it to the Pantheon. ON TIME (that means that I made that 26 minute walk in 15 minutes). So we walk in to the Pantheon talk about Raphael for a moment, then head over to Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Talked about art there. It was tight. It was awesome.

And then I got groceries.

That's my life.

All of it.

And Sam is my lover.

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