Thursday, September 29, 2011

Italian men singing in English... With a banjo...

Really fast post about really fun things! Ready-GO!

Ok, so what I thought was going to be my major accomplishment for the day was managing to de-seed an entire pomegranate. And follow up said feat by eating it. Winner? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Full of antioxidants? Probably. I was very proud of that moment.  It was a bucket-lister.

But reality told me that this was going to be no ordinary day where de-seeding and eating a pomegranate would be a triumph, oh no, this was going to be an epic day.

"How epic," you say?
Epic enough to find not only live music in Rome (near by, I might add), but also Folk and Blues live music in Rome.

DING! Winner! It was so cool! So we actually pass this place every day on the way to class, but they have a sweet little set up in the back and it was hopping. One guy was obviously in charge of who was doing what, but there were several little acts-all folk music... In English. Our favorites included: Wolverine (Erica's fav) so named because he looked like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (good choices) and he played the guitar and bass, "Pretty Boy"-not an adequate title for this beautiful man, tall and lanky with the one stray dark curl. We originally called him "Married Boy" but turns out that it wasn't a wedding band after all. Anyway, he played the guitar and sang (both very well I might add) (I mean, Wolverine played a mean guitar, but he didn't sing. So points to Pretty Boy.) Pretty Boy's Friend, just was just there and was the friend of Pretty Boy, like the awkward wingman. And the Banjo guy. He wasn't attractive, but he did play the banjo. He was also one of those characters who doesn't talk much.

But there were attractive men, beautiful guitars, a banjo, a harmonica, basses, a drum set, and obviously Italian men singing folk songs in English. Eventually we branched a little into the Blues realm (including my favorite, the sing along), but regardless, it was awesome. Erica, Molly, and I had more fun than you can shake a stick at. I'm totally pro this becoming a regular routine. Thursday night in Rome? This is where it all happens.

Oh yeah. Before I forget, I'm leaving for Tuscany in the morning, so I won't be posting again until Sunday night! Can you say hot springs and horseback riding? Ok good. Because that's what I'll be blogging about in 3 days.


  1. You can bring me back one of the blue grass men. Thanks. Also jetting off to Tuscany, pretentious.

  2. I'll work on it.
    Just you wait until the actual pretentious-ness of jetting off to Tuscany is about to hit you when I finish this post.