Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mondays a la Tuesday

You're just so demanding! It's ok. I forgive you. I could hear you yelling at me from across the pond, "Keellllssseeeeeyyy!!!!!  Why didn't you post last night?!?!  Mondays suck enough without having your beautiful prose to come back from class and read. *sob* *cry* *sound of nose-blowing* *sob*"

And to that I say, I know. Mondays do suck. They suck so much that here in Rome I just couldn't bring myself to blog about it. And if you look at it like that, I'm doing you a favor! Because what's more depressing than a Monday? A Monday spent reading Russian drama... Followed by Kelsey's depressing blog post. So I let you read your Tolstoy in peace and war,  (See what I did there? That was clever) and gave you the night off. Blessing in disguise.

So in conclusion, Mondays are so boring/sucky that we spent 20 minutes of the night attempting to iron Molly's hair. Sure, oh yeah, flat iron, haha. FALSE. No one brought a flat iron. So we IRONED her hair. Well, Kate did. But Erica was there for moral support, and I laughed a lot. So that helped right? Anyway, it mostly worked. To be clear, no one was burned, no one died, and everybody got up in time for class in the morning. But it wasn't quite as effective as maybe a Chi would have been, but we didn't have one for comparison. So there.

And that concludes the exciting adventures of Monday.

See? Was that really worth it. No. You waited almost 24 hours for that. And you could have been sleeping, or reading Tolstoy instead of pacing your room waiting for a 300 word blog post about an iron. Sad.

Today, after not having much to compete with, didn't measure up well in the polls either. I got some work done and got to watch a movie in Cin City (which was only mildly depressing, but still). And now I'm writing a blog over tortellini and waiting for my sinuses to drain.

So now you're thinking, "Hold up. Tortellini? Wow, Kelsey's got some mad skillz over there in Roma!"
Don't get too excited. Due to my congestion levels, I do not feel compelled to make delicious smelling things, and so I made tortellini. From a box. I know, severe let down. I'll try to make it up to you! Maybe (if you're lucky) I'll test out my newly acquired cooking skills in the states.

And with that, I bid you adieu. I may actually go to bed at a reasonable time tonight.

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