Friday, September 23, 2011

Frozen Pizza Section- Aisle, well that one over there

If someone asked me right now, "If there was a time for you to eat 'hotdog and french fry pizza' would you do it? What would the occasion be?" The answers would be: Yes, and needed something to blog about.

I know, I know. Now you're thinking, "Wait, Kelsey. What in the world were you thinking? You're living in Italy and you picked 'hotdog and french fry pizza'? What? YOU'RE IN ITALY!? Pick up your game!" Au contraire!  This is not an 'Amurican' thing that I have done. This is entirely Italian. When was the last time that you saw, AND purchased a hotdog french fry pizza in your local Price Chopper? Never. Don't lie to me. You have never done such a thing. But here in Italy, it's a big seller. Welcome to the frozen pizza section of the 'supermarket' in Rome.  And because you did not lie there, (or over here for that matter) I will tell you the truth.  It actually wasn't that bad. No, seriously.  It's like having cheese pizza, and a hotdog, and french fries. Just all at the same time. In order to be more supportive of the full experience, Erica and I made sure that everyone tried a slice (some more enthusiastically than others).  And I promise you that the pizza is now gone.  I almost saved you a piece. Then I got hungry.

The rest of the pizzas (not all taken to with such gusto) were polished off during the viewing cinema pleasure of "You've Got Mail".  So yes, we had a girls' night in.  With hotdog french fry pizza, chick flicks, and general frivolity.

If you're jealous, I understand. We're a pretty cool club.

My night has concluded with skyping nearly the entire Forensics team as they scampered out the door and off to dominate the first MAFL.  So go team! I love all of you. And Sonja's a pretty great person for spontaneously skyping me at just the right moment so that I can meet nearly all of the freshmen and send my well wishes on the bus with them.  Not only that, but I finally got to use some of my pent up 'bald' jokes for Brucetifer. Winner? Yes. I feel better all ready. So go beat 'em bust 'em Gusties!

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