Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disc 4

Here's the deal:
I'm going to be driving for 8 hours.
And I spent approximately the same number of hours trying to get through the first season of Mad Men.
I'm on the last disk, but it's past two, and I needs to get me some sleep in the very least.

So. I have resolved to eat breakfast in the morning, and pack the rest of my things while watching the last episode (please let there be just one, mom will murder me if I don't get to good old Saint Pete by 7).

And with that, I will leave my ranting about not being able to finish a show before leaving on a long journey where I will undoubtedly be cut off from civilization for an extended length of time. (I seem to remember something like this happening last August with Dexter....  Hmmm... Me huddled over a suitcase trying to finish the last terrifying episodes of Dexter. The impossible questions of right and wrong haunting my pre-Italian dreams.)

Good night. I'm sure I'll have an enthralling post about the joys of Iowa tomorrow. Lucky you!

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