Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Plate Juggling

You know those people who have to take all of the plates off the tables during banquets?  Yeah, the ones that don't really have faces, but seem to carry a lot of things on big platters and that way you don't have to get up and burn 3 calories for the food you're eating? Yeah, those people.

I was one of those people today.

And for my first foray into the, we'll call it the "food industry" it was interesting. Partly because I knew a lot of the people in the banquets, partly because, well, it was interesting. From seeing the inner workings of the Caf that always looks so presented on the outside, to actually having the experience of serving people.

I think it would be trite to say that it was a humbling experience. Exhausting maybe, but my four hour shit wasn't to the tipping point of tipping over, but I honestly think that my Uncle Kent does it right as far as the restaurant biz goes: on your own terms.

That being said, I think it is easy on both sides to get frustrated with the other. Slow service vs picky requests. They both get obnoxious after a point, but it's just as bad the other way too: service too fast (one of the things that was so shocking coming back from Italy, where everything is an experience not just a meal) and eating something that could kill you with allergic reactions. So don't do that.

But everything went swimmingly, and I learned a lot. If I had more of a mental focus I would tell you about all of the magical things that I learned (which incidentally were about a lot about the State Hospital down the road, and various other tidbits) but I really should be editing papers and doing a review about my Contemporary Art class. That should be a cathARTic vent session. I'm so classy.

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