Friday, May 11, 2012

Earth Jammin' Up My Days

Post all of the days!!!

I have a new goal for the summer that includes me blogging every day. Who's pumped? You should be.  Why? Because this blog will the the sole source of entertainment for your monotonous days of boredom and sunshine (and mosquitos if you are so Minnesotanly inclined). Basically, you are welcome.

So with that in mind, I'm hearing the sweet tones of Earth Jam Revolution is floating melodiously though the panes of my window (which is shut because of the damn pollen... and the fact that it's going to rain for sure tonight).  And after a good rinsing (see previous post) my sinuses are grateful for the grounding effect of precipitation.

Maybe if I spent as much time writing papers as I did blogging, I wouldn't have to work on papers this weekend.

Oh well. Not like that's going to happen.

So the plans for the rest of the weekend, besides the writing of the papers, will be to maybe have a wee bit o fun, and cleanse my aura with some popcorn and movies with Hannah. It shall be splendid-I do declare!

There was probably something else really important that I was going to say here, but the pollen count is actually destroying braincells so I cannot be held accountable for much of anything. That's going to be a bummer with finals coming up. Boo that.

Any whoozle-bears. I'm off to peruse the shelves of the library for some sweet flicks.

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