Monday, May 14, 2012

My subconscious has invented adventures-I need to get out more.

Let's talk for a moment about dreams.

As of late, I have had 3 extraordinarily strange dreams. And since I'm looking to kill some time before I wander for an hour in pollen infested air and then go attempt to sing my very best for some people that will help determine my schedule next year. THIS JUST IN. CHORAL AUDITIONS HAVE BEEN RESCHEDULED. [This means that I have to care if I have a voice for the next three days and not just for this evening. BOO. Maybe all of the pollen in the immediate area will go away and I'll be singing beautifully and not carrying around a giant roll of toilet paper in my backpack because it's cheaper than tissues] I'll write what I remember of them (the dreams... I know I got a bit sidetracked) here. I hope you are as thoroughly confused as I was/am.

1) The first of these strange night visions was one that was set up in the likeness of a mystery novel. I assume it must be telling me what I should do this summer: read. None the less, here goes.

The Secret of the Roll Top Desk

Though I had had no intentions of becoming so thoroughly entrenched in the daily affairs of my home town, this mystery couldn't be ignored. I found out that the local jewelry store had been experiencing some major problems with deliveries recently. Suspecting something rotten, I began to look into the situation. Turns out that someone had been holding up the delivery truck and stealing all of the valuables! (Dun Dun DUN!) Naturally, I stumbled along with some clues, (I'm really just trying to put the pieces together here... It must have happened, because the first clue couldn't have been the last one) and got my friend _________ to join me. (I have no idea who this person was. Chances are that I was actually Nancy Drew and this was George-yes, the girl/BFF of Nancy- are extremely high) (I don't know how I feel about my subconscious portraying myself as a red-head.....) Regardless, we went into this mysterious room, where the carpet was shag avocado and the most important feature was this roll top desk, seemingly an antique. I had a specific hunch about the contents of this desk.  So closing the door to this room carefully (this is a mystery, there is excitement, I'm not supposed to be in this room) and knelt down next to this desk. I opened the drawers on the right hand side of the desk all the way. The desk was entirely empty, but there was nothing behind the drawers as I had suspected. Disappointed that my big clue turned up empty, ___________ and I left the room with nothing to show of our adventure.

Another transport of jewels had been intercepted! Once the coast was clear, I dragged ____________ back to the room where the desk was, sure this time we would catch them in the act! I opened up the same drawer, this time to find a hidden panel. When I touched the corner of the panel, the plank swung open to reveal this mysterious alternate desk (basically just like the real one, but on the other side... it was weird). As with most roll top desks, the one had several little drawers (I assume to be used for office supplies and really small children). I opened the first drawer, nothing. I opened the second drawer to find the entire thing filled to the brim with pearls! ___________ and I looked at each other thinking we had finally cracked the case. Then there was a knock at the door. Someone had found us finding them.

[Dun Dun DUN!!!! CLIFFHANGER!!!]

And then I woke up.

2) The second dream I had was somewhat less logical and more frustrating than anything else.

What I Wouldn't Give for a Cookie

The forensics team was eating in the Caf before we went to the theme park. (This is going to happen) I was really hungry, and no loyal Gustie can pass up an opportunity for Frost-Your-Owns [hence forth referred to as FYOs] decided to get 2 of them-purple frosting with blue and white sprinkles. Yum. Everyone had just left, and Hannah and I went to go put our trays on the tray rack.  Well, the tray rack was moving extremely fast and only had the top rack of trays.  Needless to say this was going to make me putting my tray up there very difficult. Somehow I managed, but in this endeavor, I left my SSI drawstring bag (including my car keys) also on the rack. But worst of all, I left my FYOs on the tray too! Woe! I realized this as Hannah and I were waiting in line to get on the pendulum roller coaster. Realizing that we weren't going to make it on in that rush, I rushed back to the tray rack and grabbed my now soggy bag and keys, but figured I should get those cookies while I was there (obviously not concerned that they could have been equally wet) and after two attempts to snag them off of the carousel,  Hannah convinced me that this was a less good idea than I had thought. Sad Panda. By the time we got back to the ride, Dr. Dean was there and Hannah and I were the only two in line, so we got on the giant roller coaster (conveniently located right outside the Caf).  This thing was huge and involved some kind of water feature.  So Hannah and I climbed aboard, and prepared to get soaked.

And then I woke up.

I'm still craving a FYO.

3) I'll warn you, this one is the strangest one yet. Very little of it will make any sense. I'm sorry.

Mammalian Denizens (a phrase I have learned from my Physical Geography class.. who said I didn't pay attention)

I went to what seemed to be a horse stable with the intention of learning some sort of derivation of polo that involved caribou and narwhals. Stay with me here. Apparently, you had to learn how to ride caribou before you learned how to ride narwhals. I'm not quite sure why, but you did and they were similar, so that's all I know. This stable had both caribou (to practice) and then once you managed to catch your own narwhal (think Avatar here) you got to ride one of those. But they had narwhals to practice with (both riding and catching).  I am so skilled, I knew the basics of narwhal riding and had started the course over again to help those who were with me. Now Cadi was there, and the other person was either Courtney (a current freshman on the team) or Elizabeth (an incoming freshman).  Regardless, Cadi was an expert caribou rider, and was seeing if I could teach/help the under class men. So even though I was pretty good dealing with the caribou, there was a sudden flood in the stable. The tanks that had held the narwhals had been opened and they were swimming around. Our task was to test our skills at capturing the narwhals, while riding the caribou (again think that scene in Avitar where Jack uses the the smaller flying reptile thing to catch the big flying reptile thing). I'm watching Courtney/Elizabeth freak out because she can't control her caribou and Cadi is yelling for me to help her figure it out. After taking stock of the situation I am yelling over the sound of the rushing water, for her to follow what I do-shift her weight, hold on tight and move forward etc.

And then I woke up.

If this doesn't make you question my sanity, I don't know what will.

Anyway. those are the dreams I've had recently....  This is what I get for getting more sleep than usual. Good grief.

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