Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Rothko? Ok.

"The ideal teacher in charge of the creative art activity must possess a twofold equipment. First, in common with every teacher he has the insight and training to evaluate the character, background and potentialities of the child; his very presence and manner create an atmosphere of ease and confidence; and he shares the general idea of social adjustment of the educational process of which this activity is a part.  Secondly, and this is really the important qualification in this study, he must possess the sensibility of an artist. Art must be to him a language of lucid speech inducing the understanding and exaltation which art properly inspires. It is the artist teacher who has fulfilled that role with the most frequent success. Because art is his own best mode of expression, and because of his intimate relationship with it and its methods, both in his own expression and that of other artists both past and present, he is likely to have developed that sensibility to a higher degree than others whose only contact with art is from the point of view of the observer." --Mark Rothko

Incase you needed more Rothko, BAM. Wish granted. 

Now I would like you to do a little exercise with me, think about your favorite teachers. The professors in college, the teachers you had in high school, the coaches, the leaders, the ones that inspired you, the ones that made the difference in your life. 

I've thought of mine. I hope you did.

And if you so desire, you should write them a little note. Facebook them. Email them. Tell them if you have them in class the next day. They are phenomenal, and you should tell them. 

Like a boss. 

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