Monday, May 28, 2012

Given Only Weak Sauce in My Kitchen

Alas, so many things have failed me today, I might as well be resigned to typing this exorbitantly long post on my phone. It makes the most sense, after all. So here goes, and do excuse the type-os. I'm only so dexterous with this touch screen.

After dozing lazily until I got my required amount of sleep, I rolled out of bed. Nothing much happened, finished the first season of Modern Family, and attempted to work on this hat (more on that later). Until about dinner time.

Mother had this great idea to use the leftover steaks from Kent's the other night for fajitas. Splendid! So naturally I'm enlisted to help make up this recipe. Not a big deal, throw some onions and peppers into a skillet, a little pepper, maybe some other things to liven it up, heat up the meat, figure out some stuff for the mushrooms- like a little pepper, and voila! WRONG! There's only one thing missing. The pepper. What's that you say? But who likes pepper? Oh my lord, we must be needing a conversion. Pepper is admittedly one of the base spices I use. Nothing to overpower (unless we're talking red pepper, then be on your toes for a kick in the pants.) but I do tend to use pepper as a backup to all sorts of things. Don't know what to use? Pepper will work until you figure it out. Really my favorite- that and a base of garlic, but those kinds of adventures will have to wait until this summer, I'm afraid. Point is, that I'm expected to make fajitas without any kind of spices! Undesirable. And here you're thinking, Kelsey, just use the salt and pepper shakers on the table. Oh, well, aren't you the brightest. Guess again. There aren't any. WHO'S SMART NOW!?!?! That's right, no salt or pepper to be found. Anywhere. So I start thinking, what else do we have? A lemon? Nope. A jalapeƱo? Nada. Just another kind of spice? Anything? Zilch. I'm cooking blind. And I'm nearly to the point of going door to door asking for a pepper shaker, or foraging in the nearby woods for some kind of edible bark that might be a tasty Mexican food stand in. Sad day, mom nixed all of those ideas. Guess these will literally have to be the saddest, blandest fajitas in all the land.

Minnesotans rejoice, I didn't find anything spicy to put in the fajitas. Not even ketchup. Good news is they were fine, bad news is I'm heartbroken at my foiled attempt to make Mexican food from leftovers.

After that I took slight pleasure in beating my parents at Boggle. It doesn't make me a genius, jut better at Boggle than my parents. (side note, if you ever want to have your ass handed to you on a recently polished silver platter, play Boggle with KBG. She can literally play against 4 people, while sleeping, and those 4 can add their scores together to get half of what she does. I've seen it happen.)

Then we wandered back to our now customary places on the couch and watched Hugo. Cute? Maybe, I'm not the biggest fan. Whatever. The bigger problem is that I have been defeated by this hat pattern. Just destroyed. I don't think there's any one pattern that has so tried me. I tried this about 4 times the way the pattern was written. Then began to bumble through making guesses as to what she actually meant, and have gotten closer (hint: worked from the top down and looked like the finger of a glove the first 4 times. Now it just looks lopsided). But the real kicker is that I keep having to redo my work when I'm using the beautiful alpaca yarn I bought in Rome, I just want it to be perfect. Is that so bad? Le sigh.

I think the only solution is to go to bed. I've been up for less than 12 hours, but my trials for the day have left me melodramatic and defeated. Woe.

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  1. I take offence at your "Minnesotan" reference! Have you seen my spice cabinet?