Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dream Sequence-without the caribou

My father does not understand the purpose of a blog-off. I then had to re-explain this in more manly terms. "Dad, this isn't just a blog off, this is war." I am not giving up without a fight, Michelle. Despite my gallant efforts, I'm stuck with blogging on my phone again for the night, so excuse the auto-corrects.

After a little bit of shopping, yes this does mean that I actually left the condo for a few short hours, I was just too exhausted to hold my head up any more, so I went back to bed. What can I say? It's genetic. The Abele's are known for their extremely determined sleeping schedules. So what if I had already slept for 12 hours? Not a big deal, I'll sneak in an hour and a half nap before dinner. So talented.

Past that, I am now halfway through the first season of Mad Men. I've been told by oodles of people that this is the show for me, and they may just be right. I'm still getting into it, but I think by the end of this season I'll be desperate to get my hands on another copy. So for those of you around with season 2, I'll likely show up on your doorstep-do not panic.

And that about sums it up for me today. Leave the cabin tomorrow and head for home, where more packing awaits and I'm stuck making CDs and playlists for my adventure up north again. God I love Iowa.

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  1. You could tell him, "This isn't madness! THIS IS SPARTA!"

    And Mad Men is one of my favorite shows, ever.