Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm almost certain I didn't do that.

Observations of prospective students on campus for the first time:

1) The Caf is forced to show off-great food for everyone!
2) People watching galore.
3) Pick out the real GAC students because they don't use trays-unlike the entire visiting population.
3a) They also got something other than pizza, chicken tenders, fries, and pie. Also, the GAC students didn't want to wait in the mega lines-so they went to the Veggie line and called it a day.
4) Freshmen are looking younger and younger every year. I'm pretty sure that one is 7.
5) Confused faces of parents and prospies alike as they see the experienced students weave in and out of the Caf in the amount of time it took them to pick out silverware.

Fun story. As Hannah and I were eating lunch, we were at a table next to what seemed to be a lovely family. However, in true fashion, Hannah and I were talking about any number of happenings of things around campus-from the wonderful people who populate the hall I live on, or the visit day itself, my weird cliffhanger dreams and after filling up our water bottles, I was packing up my computer to move to the library and I hear the father say, "she's on the forensics team."

Am I?


How do you know that?

Was it the singing of Legally Blonde? Or the fact that I was gesturing like an Italian? Or that I did an average number of 3 character pops per topic? Or did I say really loudly without realizing it, "I'M ON THE FORENSICS TEAM! HEAR ME ROAR!"

I don't remember doing that last one, but it is Saturday, so I can't be held responsible for anythings that seem out of character. (Which character you ask? Your guess is as good as mine.)

Regardless, I didn't know how to react to this confession. I could have approached them, volunteered to talk about the school, tell them about the forensics team. Instead, I looked at them quizzically (probably not my most attractive face) and continued to pack my bag.

And with that, music blasting from the pumpiest of pump up playlists, I call it a day and shall retire to frivolity and non homework until the morning.

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