Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BINGO! DOUBLE BINGO! (What does it all mean?)

Your worlds have just collided. Currently in the most invigorating blog spectacular we've seen all year, the two competitors are Skyping. Right. Now. So basically, this vision of tormented art director-type is regaling me with her days of joy and woe. It's just the best thing that could possibly happen after Bingo.


That's it. I went to Bingo. Jealous? You should be. After having such a splendid time making cupcakes, Cadi decided to venture off to Apple Valley to play a few rounds of fancy bingo. So with very little luck, dinner, and some good conversation-3 hours passed. And I didn't win a dime. I guess that's what you get when you play bingo. Oh well, we had a pretty good time, and enjoyed ourselves. Plus, what's a night away from St. Peter? That's a BINGO! Also, I would like point out that is there anyone who would be more exciting to watch bingo than Mariecus? Answer? No.

Fun fact for the night as this post waves you off to sleep: Bingo comes with an intermission. Things you learn.

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