Thursday, June 7, 2012

Themed Thursday 1: If I were a wall, I would be....

Yes, you heard right. It's Thursday, and that means BLOG FOR YOUR LIFE day. Otherwise known as Themed Thursdays. As you well know, I'm in a fight to the finish known as a blog off with Michelle. And you should read that... Because you're smart enough to read, and you deserve to be amused.

But the point is that today, of all days, is a themed day. This means that we write on the same topic, and you (the people) get to form a more concrete opinion about who should be the winner in this gladiatorial battle to the verbal death.

Today's topic:
What is your ideal living room wall?

Well I'm so glad you asked. Like Michelle, I too love a good splash of color. Something warm, inviting, and comfortable. I also adore the idea of a one wall accent, so naturally, my favorite wall in the living room would be that accent wall-do you follow me? So something warm, fun, and can be a highlight of the room without over powering things. And that for me means red. Red? Why red? Well, I'm a Rothko nut, so something about that... and I think it makes a room feel warmer.  That in conjunction that when I read or knit, I'm bound to end up bundled in a blanket, it's only logical that I give myself at least the benefit of the doubt that it's warmer in the room with a red wall.  Something like... This

But forget the strange stick thing, and replace with fun things like pictures! Lots of pictures. If you know me, you know that I love to scrapbook and make all kinds of memory things. So those should definitely replace the birch theme here. They can be on the wall, in funky frames, around the mantle and such in nifty patterns and designs. The other idea that I love (and I'm not sure how this will all carry out yet) is with my love of words. To have maybe some kind of calligraphy of words on the walls. Not the typical-"Family" or "Love" but actual quotations.  Short and sweet, but it could be very cool if done right. I'm just brain storming. 

I'm also thinking lots of things that are home made. Not overly so (no one wants to feel like they've been out done, or under-creative) but things like books, and end tables, and creative arrangements of things that make a place look lived in and homey. Catch my drift?

I'm thinking of the kind of room where I would love to curl up in an over stuffed chair with a book, or my knitting on a cold winter night and stay for hours. And if you feel like the same kind of evening, you just drop on by. We'll have a dandy time knitting or talking, or just laughing until our abs hurt. 

Michelle and I will be there. And we're cool.

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