Monday, June 4, 2012

"I'm a green jellybean"

Ah, the sweet smell of summer. And by summer I mean that point where you laugh so hard you cry and then laugh summer (it sounds like some-more ok? whatever).  And to start out this festivity, I got my keys! Huzzah, aren't we proud?

After a thrilling day at work and a festive gathering at Cadi's our apartment managed to have a few brief moments together, as well as enjoy the company of Matt. What an ideal situation. But I think the biggest news, was the history of Ava I heard tonight. Let me be clear, nothing is to be taken for indisputable fact. Use extreme caution when accepting stories from Alaskans.

For instance, I learned that Ava had a rapping career. You said what!?! Yes, that is what she said. And judging by the rhymes she spun, I'm sure short was an understatement. BUT, that's not the point, because this is to be a summer of adventure! And the only logical adventure is that we revitalize Ava's rapping career! Le duh. She may have gone by the name ATAR (Ava the Amazing Rapper) I think with a little respin, she could live up to her name! (Ava the Abysmal Rapper) Too much? You tell me the words you know that rhyme with blue.... If you have any, that's a good start to where we did tonight. I'm now going to finish the only rap I actually helped write (the first part of which is the title of this blog)

"I'm a green jellybean, I can be kind of mean, but when you drop me in the grass I can't been seen-because I'm green!"


Needless to say, I'm going to do the beat boxing. Don't look at me like that, I'm not that good either. But hey, it's all in the spirit of trying things. I mean am I right?

So here's the question of the day, "What are you going to try today?" Something new? Pull out the old violin and at least pretend? Imagine again? Give it a spin around the block, who knows what you'll learn.

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  1. Concert Friday June 8th Baker College. Be's Mozart.
    your mother