Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chances Are, You Won't Live to See it Again

What an eventful day. Truly. Did you know that today is an especially unique day? Ava enlightened us all as she informed us about the Transit of Venus across the Sun. Fun fact, so this is the only time this will happen in like, a super long time? For instance, no one alive has seen this happen (until today) and (technology permitting) no one will be alive to see it happen again. Look at that, you learned something today. Boom.

So Mariecus and I hiked up to the tippytop of Olin where some industrious nerds had positioned some telescopes to look at this strange occurrence. It was bright, there were a fair amount of people (I'll be honest, not a lot of them looked like people who would be fun to invite to a dinner party....  but maybe that's just me...) (Or maybe I would be the odd one out at their dinner party.... hmmmmm things you ponder when you see Venus cross in front of the sun).

But more exciting, was that after that I packed up part of my kitchen and ventured down to the center of St. Pete's and forced Cadi to shred zucchini. All in the name of cupcakes. Honestly. First we went for a walk, and I had to get some more fancy-ass cooking things like ground cloves (who cooks with ground cloves? oh well) and the rest of it. Then we made zucchini cupcakes. I realize I should have snapped some pictures, but the important part is that my current attire is covered in a lovely mixture of powdered sugar and cat hair. What a lovely combination? Yes, I thought so too.

Oh other big news, so Cadi has two cats. Ira and Sophie. Ira, is the love bug. He adores pretty much anyone and everyone who will even tolerate him. Consequently, he spends a lot of time climbing into people's laps and begging for attention in anyway he sees fit. Sophie on the other hand, doesn't like any people. She's terrified of everything, sudden movements-and she goes running. So, when any number of people are over, she's usually hiding while Ira laps up the attention in all of the laps. But, since I was over there baking, Sophie decided that it was ok and quiet enough to look around for a bit. So I talked to her for a little bit, and she didn't seem overly concerned by my presence. After a while of cooing and letting her figure it out on her own terms, she let me pet her. What a summer accomplishment. I now know that I'm not quite as terrifying as I originally thought I was. Good to know.

So cupcakes are baked (thanks Grandma for the recipe!) and I think I'm headed to bed.

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