Saturday, June 9, 2012

Read or Not to Read-Revelations of a Pet Sitter

I would like to call this the day of the ark. Not because I'm collecting pairs of animals, but because I seems to be taking care of them. Take care of ALL of the animals! From Kris's dog Rudy, to the pair of Cadi's cats, it's been a fur filled day.

After an early morning with Rudy in the company of Justin Feit, I managed to hang out around the apartment for a bit and write a few letters. Which reminds me, if you want letters, speak now. Then back for an afternoon of fetch and dog wrangling.  To Econo for grub, dinner and some Farkle (yes, all very exciting) then to see the felines and watch a movie and one last time to check on the canine. 

I'm not saying but I'm saying that cats are the way to go. I love dogs, I really do. But the cats honestly couldn't give the rear end of a mouse whether you were there or not. The dog on the other hand, cannot possibly function without your attention and effort. Low maintenance is really more my style. Leave, stay, pet the cat-don't pet the cat, whatever floats your boat. Not so with the dog. You'd better figure out when you can be there so that you don't have a terrorized house, or a really unhappy puppy. Just saying. 

And that's about what my life is going to be like tomorrow too. Throw in some laundry and maybe another letter or so, and it's pretty rock solid. Living the dream, you know, being a Hufflepuff and all. 

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