Saturday, June 2, 2012

Switch ending!

Bloggy mc Bloggerson! Ok here goes nothing.

Accomplishments for the day: Make zucchini bread. And dinner. What. The bread turned out delicious. (there was some extra batter so I had to make some adorable heart shaped muffins) and dinner (more zucchini in a red sauce with red pepper) was also pretty good. It felt good to cook for a friend too. And I'll have plenty of bread for a while.

Ava shows up tomorrow, so that'll be an adventure. One more person moving into the apartment! Huzzah! And that's about all that's happened. OH grocery shopping. I went grocery shopping. Quite the feat considering the dough (get it? I made bread) I spent on it.  Woof. St. Peter you're killing me. To be fair I bought spices and sugar and flour and all that basic cooking ingredients that allow you to make anything. So it needed to be done. Still!

Let us chat for a few moments about the interests of "Stumbling." No I'm not talking about just falling on your face, although that's amusing too. I'm talking about the website that allows you to mindlessly search the internet for days without you noticing the clock. I try to avoid such habits during the year, but this summer, I'm made of time. (I mean come on, cooking, stumbling? What else do I have to do? NADA). If you've got the stamina and you have the crave for all kinds of random information, do it. You'll be entertained at the very least.

And with that, I think I'm gonna go read a book.

Yep, just like that, advocate for the internet and volunteer to read instead. I'm a tricky one.

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