Sunday, June 17, 2012

You can do it! Sort of...

Fun facts of life. I absolutely detest motivational videos/speakers. "But why Kelsey? They help a lot of people get out of their metaphorical funk and into a better life style." Because I have this gut feeling that I can blatantly bullshit the same quality of stuff and people will get the same amount of motivation. Get rich quick scheme? You bet. The trouble would be that after about every hour of "talking" I'd feel either the need to mock people, vomit, or wash my mouth out with soap. Woof.

Moving on. After an extensive day of waiting for people to show up to registration, managed to come back to the apartment and watch an incredibly classy movie. Jennifer's Body must be somewhere up there in cult movie heaven. A true gem.

The bald man is making me get up early tomorrow, so I'd better get some shut eye.

And to all of you dads and daddy-os out there-have a happy one.

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