Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hop to it

When was the last time you climbed a tree?

Go ahead. Ask me.


BOOM. How did that feel? Yeah, I climbed that tree today... It wasn't exactly on the agenda, but it happened. So it went something like this. Kelsey's going stir crazy with waiting for really late people and having half of the apartment gone for the weekend, and so after a few grocery shopping moments, she decides to go for a walk. (I like that I've switched into third person there... we're going to roll with it) It's a nice cool dusk, the kind where you could have had a sweatshirt, or just been a little chilly. For the first time all week it's been dry enough (both in air and dirt) to make a walk seem warranted. So I drop off my groceries, and lace up my nearly destroyed converse, and head out for an adventure in the arb.

And what an adventure it was.

So I'm walking along... doobedoobedoo, and I start thinking about how sweet it would be if I could see how quietly I could walk. There is no one out here, and I'm crunching along on the gravel path, and then I'm tiptoeing around on the grassy shoulder, being all stealthy like. But that wore off pretty quick and I deviated from my chosen path to go wander around the meditation area and sit on a rock. Ladeeda rock sitting, ok enough of that. Moving on.

I'm wandering around, getting a little peeved that there is now gravel dust in my socks, and suddenly, there is a clearing... and in this clearing, there are trees. And I'm thinking, oh yeah, gonna climb a tree. So instead of attempting to focus and actually complete my walk uninterrupted by foliage, I caved and leapt into those branches. About 15-20 feet up I just stopped and looked out in all directions. Then, these two girls who I had heard talking from deep in the forbidden forest, starting walking up the path. Two options: 1) Scare the shit out of them. 2) Pretend to be Katniss hiding in trees and creeping on people.

2. Done. I just crept along the branch and watched. Much like the Cheshire cat. Grinning and staring, nearly giggling and all but disappearing. But they passed under my tree without anything super hilarious happening. Sort of worth it though.

After about 15 minutes in the tree, I made my way back down to find my second surprise of the evening. That's right, there are two parts to this story. There was a bunny in the path! But not just any bunny, a bunny AND A BABY BUNNY! The kind of baby bunny that you could hold-in-the-palm-of-your-hand-and-be-eternally-happy-because-it's-just-so-cute-that-you-can't-do-anything-else-in-your-life-ever-but-adore-and-coo-at-the-precious-baby-bunny.

I'm so smitten. They scampered off into the grass (I'm a cat whisperer, not a bunny whisperer. They are technically incompatible talents) and I skipped my way back home.

The end.

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