Friday, October 14, 2011

Accomplishment Man-here to save the day!

Today's major accomplishments included the following 3 things:

Uno: Getting Peas in Pasta Pisa video uploaded and on the blog.

Dos: Skyping with Megan for almost 2 hours on her birthday. That was wonderful! (now if only Chloe could make that kind of commitment. Hmmmmm. Where's a true champion when you need one?)

Tres: Finishing my Italian High Renaissance (still no nickname? It's been over a month. Come on my clever friends. Bethany can't always carry the team.) study guide for the midterm on Wednesday! It now has 51 pictures with title, artist, date, medium, commission, and location. All to be memorized! Who is totally excited for this exam? Oh yeah, me! Holla! I'm going to print it out soon and start studying! But first I have to do some Digipho, some Cin City (readings and watch a 3 hour movie), study and read some Gaga, and probably think about life for my "Dreams of Moua" class. Which that one will inevitably turn into me just thinking about Moua, but hey, it happens.

So for now, I'm going to just call it a day, go to curl up in a tiny little ball with about 3 inches of woolen blankets, and go to sleep.

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