Thursday, October 13, 2011

Music, hairdryers, and mixers-Oh My!

There are probably 3 things you should know about this Thursday.

1) There was a "Battle of the Bands" type thing going on in the Piazza Santa Maria Novella. They pretty much covered all ranges of music.
2) There was a hairdryer and an electric mixer involved.
3) Then we went to our favorite Thursday spot and listened to some awesome blues by Kosmic Blues.

If that doesn't sound like the perfect Thursday night to you, then you just aren't as cool as we are. And that's just too bad.

Erica and I decided that this is the only fun we will be having until midterms are over, so seize the day and go have some fun! So out we go, in our tennis shoes, and wait for a bit while the Italian times catch up to where the rest of the world is and the 'concert' starts about 45ish minutes late. So we wander a bit, watch people, find our future boy friends (slim pickings here. That's sad.) and eventually stand around and enjoy not being able to understand anything said on stage. But that's ok! Welcome to Italy!

Best part of the concert (that we attended): Super-techno. That involved instruments that aren't really instruments. How? See #2. This group of people get onstage with a trashcan, a hair dryer, a sign (like the kind that reminds you that you aren't supposed to be going that fast... Cadi....Although I should probably yell at Kris first... Brucetifer....) and what appears to be a guitar hero guitar.  Fact of the matter is that it is not a guitar hero guitar, it's something much classier. It's one of those children's toys that plays little ditties that go along with nursery rhymes and such... in the shape of a guitar (why does my childhood suddenly feel inadequate? Mom, I could have been a star! Look I'm pretty mama) (If you got that reference, gold stars for you). And suddenly, they being to play. No, it's not the kind of magical thing you'd expect from just a wonderful set up, it's a little bit more, how you say, organic than that. But the hairdryer, and ultimately the electric mixer (I know we use it at my house for the mashed potatoes and things.  Not one of those every day cookie kinds of things).  That was pretty stellar, as well as a very distinct reminder that it is all in the performance. Showmanship is everything whether you like it or not. Sell it? You win.

After a good long while of wishing that the hairdryer would make a second appearance, we decided to move down the street to our favorite Thursday night joint.  Tonight was Kosmic Blues. And although it did not provide the laudable eye-candy, Erica and I agreed that it was the most musically moving performance that we had seen there to date. I will try to post some videos tomorrow. But the short version is that they are awesome and Erica and I are looking into buying stock in their record sales. We had both talked about leaving early, but once we sat down and they started playing there was no way that we were going to leave before they did.  We're talking the sultry, gravely, blues that your soul craves and doesn't even know it. So we stayed until midnight, then made our way back home where I began writing this blog post. Don't you feel just so up to date?

Anyway, I'll try to post a video or so on here so you can love them as much as I do. And the good news is that they have a myspace. And that means that there is music to be found, and enjoyed.

Happy Thursday all.

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