Saturday, October 15, 2011

Demanding change.... and cupcakes.

I can hear the helicopters in the distance, but nothing's burning nearby. Or in the kitchen-don't be smart with me.

For those of you who just read the news, yes, the Rome version of Occupy Wallstreet has turned violent, and yes, I'm ok. We were informed well ahead of time by not only SAI, but also by the US Embassy that today was not really going to be a good day to go see Rome.  Why? Apparently protests of this sort have the potential, and the history of being violent.  So instead of braving the elements also known as disgruntled persons, we chose to stay inside our little hovel and do homework.  Less exciting? Most definitely. Safer (at least compared to the tear gas, broken bottles, burning cars, and angry rioters)? For sure.

So I think that this evening, as helicopters hover overhead, and dangerous conditions ensue on the other side of the river, we will stay inside, make dinner (and potentially cupcakes), and I will watch my Italian movie.

I will say that I am thoroughly disappointed that this week on Saturday from 6-7 was not nearly as personally exciting as the past two weeks. For those of you reading for the adventure and the scandal, this week was not your week. I'm terribly sorry. Maybe next time.

Until I find a suitable scandal to regale you with, I suppose you will have to turn to the soaps, Grey's, or whatever kind of drama is happening in Complex. That's life.

If demand is high enough, I might even create some fictional dirt for you to peruse.

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