Saturday, October 8, 2011

Table of Contents

I'm going to cut you a deal.

It goes something like, I will tell you all about my trip to Pisa.

But it will be tomorrow.

Counter offer?

All I hear is silence. So I win this round.  I will tell you about Pisa, and it will be tomorrow. I'm going to need a study break.

Things that will be covered:
--4 hour train ride
    Which seat can I take?
--Tower (SPOILER ALERT: It leans)
--4 hour train ride part 2

That's like looking at the table of contents for tomorrow's post. So just like DDM taught me to do in my FTS, read it and learn the basic plot without actually reading the blog.
Just kidding, read my blog. It'll be more fun than this one.  Promise.

Also-Way to be Gusties being sassy at the Joust. Because Cadi was the first to tell me (on her FB status? Not impressed) I will wait until awards for my final call on who wins the grand prize. Get to it.

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