Tuesday, October 11, 2011

But Serious, a Tuesday?

If you want to know how to suffer on a Tuesday, do the following things.

Spend all afternoon in the library writing a philosophy paper that you don't really understand. But make sure you do so after you show up for a class 30 minutes early, and get kept 30 minutes longer in the same class than you should have been. Then make sure that you sit buy a buy who wears very large headphones and plays them too loudly as he watches a movie. Make sure that the girl who is sitting across from you expects you to confront the big-headphone guy, but you just turn up your Itzhak Perlman playlist and pretend that you know how to write this paper. (At some point I may write an ode to the guy with the big headphones.  He had really pretty eyes.)

You should continue in this pattern for close to 6 hours. At that point you should probably give up, admitting that 3 pages single spaced on an incredibly vague prompt that you don't understand is just too much for a Tuesday. Go buy groceries. Carry heavy groceries home. Then convince yourself that you should actually finish that paper now. Now. NOW.  Ok, go eat nachos (real cheese isn't the same), then finish the paper.

Actually finish the paper.

No for realz.

Finish the paper.

Have dance party and eat cheesecake.

Write blog.

So here we are. The paper is done. The blog is done. AND pictures are posted. Who are you proud of? Oh yeah, me. Awesome.

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