Friday, October 7, 2011

Surviving a Friday without RB

How to spend a Friday when you don't want to go anywhere to exotic.

First, you wake up late. Preferably after 10am (it's still 10 military time too. Don't get over excited).
Second: Do homework all day. Take only short breaks including ones to make delicious peach and blueberry cheesecake.
3rd-- (All of the formatting geeks hate me by now.) Do more homework while you wait for the cheesecake to be done.
4.) Interrupting cow--MOO
5. Make delicious lunch (Grilled ham and cheese with an apricot spread-just do it)
Six: Repeat step 3 and 4.
Seventhly, check cheesecake in fridge and make delicious dinner (Chicken, green beans, mushrooms, and rice. Wonderful and pretty!)
And finally- watch Spiderman with Kate and Erica until they fall asleep.

At this point I chose to play mother hen and tuck everyone in.

But here's the kicker. We were planning on going to Pisa in the morning. And that leaves me to figure out how we're getting to Pisa in the morning. The cheap train is 4 hours and under 20 euros.  What's the problem with that? We'd have to be at the train station by 6:15am.  Translation? We'd have to be up by 4:30am. SO....  that's obstacle one.

The second obstacle is that according to the website, all trains leaving from Pisa for Rome leave at approximately the same time as the ones leaving from Rome to Pisa-Very early in the morning. What does that mean? That it could be a surprise 2 day trip.

Solution? Set the alarm for 3 hours from now. Wake up Erica, ask if we still want to risk it, and see what happens. But that's for tomorrow's blog post. Wish me luck.

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